This is a real area of speciality for us in Apprentice Assessments Limited. Training in this important area is in high demand from organisations who understand the need to follow best health and safety practice and avoid the risks of personal injury, lost productivity, damage to reputation and compensation claims. All our specialist industrial training is carried out on our clients’ sites.

We’ll always start by talking with you to find out exactly what you need and want. It might be something specific you’re already clear about. Or you might ask us to carry out a full training needs analysis (free of charge) to create exactly the right approach for your organisation and a bespoke programme.

Manual Handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. An employer should conduct regular risk assessments, provide their employees with regular training and suitable equipment to minimise the risk of injury with manual handling activities.
Our Manual Handling training courses are customised to suit your organisations specific working environment, and the manual handling activities that you conduct. Our experts will review your current Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Manual Handling Policy and then develop a specific course to train your staff in the most effective way possible. Our experts are there to help and will train your workforce directly, on-site at their place of work.

Material Handling Equipment

Training in Safety is important to Apprentice Assessments Limited and should be important to you, which is why we provide an essential reliable service, specialising in ‘national ‘on-site training’. We have fully R.T.I.T.B accredited trainers who follow their guidelines for course content and duration, ensuring they work to the highest standards and in accordance with current legislation and approved codes of practice.

Novice Operators – Candidates who have had very little or no experience.

Existing Operators – Candidates who have been driving trucks on a regular basis but have not received formal training or testing.

Refresher – Refreshers for those operators with previous training, who wish to renew their certification. (Every 3 years)

Conversion – Candidates who wish to be converted from Counterbalance to Reach or Reach to Counterbalance.

Trainability – 45 minute assessment to evaluate the suitability of candidates prior to undertaking a course.

Our Trainability module is a one hour, one on one assessment of individual confidence and competence. If the assessment is positive, we move on to the specific training modules below.

Counterbalance Lift Truck (FLT)
5 days for up to 3 delegates with the option of an experienced/refresher module of one to 3 days

Reach Truck (FLT)
5 days for up to 3 delegates with the option of an experienced/refresher module of one to 3 days

Low Level Order Picker (LLOP)
One to 3 days for up to three delegates with the option of a one day experienced/refresher module

Train the Trainer is essential if you are entering a training or coaching role or if you just wish to refresh your training skills.

• Fundamentals for becoming a trainer
• Running a training course
• Delivering a training session successfully
• How to write and structure training
• Factors for effective training skills
• Effective training practice and procedure

5 days for up to 2 delegates