AAL believes that it is always unacceptable for a learner/apprentice/staff member to experience abuse or discrimination of any kind and commits to practice which protects them. AAL is commitment to establishing a safe environment where learners/apprentices have a voice and are listened to. No learner will be treated less favourably than any other, and all learners/apprentices are able to access services which meet their specific individual needs and is further promoted in our Equality and Diversity Policy.


This policy has been developed to assist everyone responsible to recognise the risks and prevent abuse, and to clarify the actions taken when abuse is suspected or identified. Therefore, the aim of this policy is to ensure that AAL fulfils its responsibilities towards the protection, welfare and safety of all learners/apprentices/staff.


Abuse is the violation of an individual’s human rights. It can be a single act or repeated acts. It can be physical, sexual or emotional. It also includes acts of neglect or an omission to act. Abuse can take many forms and is not acceptable in any way.

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For more information about Safeguarding or our policy please contact:

Zowie Ready

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Curriculum & Quality Manager

Phone: 01922 705 685 I Email: zowie.ready@aal.co.uk


Harpinder Toora

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Trainer / Assessor

Phone: 07432 629 139 I Email: harpinder.toora@aal.co.uk