Like many other employers, you may well feel that far too many new entrants to the workplace lack a firm grounding in the basics. Functional skills training is a practical, highly effective way of tackling the problem head on.

Our training modules and qualification awards are making an important contribution to the target set by the UK government of having 80% of the national workforce with level 2 Maths and English by 2018.

With each module typically taking 12 weeks, our functional skills training is carried out in the form of learning on the job.

Learners benefit from enhanced skills in English, Maths and IT – enabling them to operate confidently, effectively and independently at work and in their everyday lives. Many gain a new lease of life and flourish when they’re able to apply their new-found knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to their job – as well as being able to gain entry to apprenticeships and progress their careers.

Employers of all sizes, both private and public, can make their organisations far more effective by having more literate and numerate people, improved skills to draw on, and a bigger and better pool of trained staff.

This Functional Skills module in Maths, carried out on the job over a typical period of 12 weeks, will give your employee vital numeracy skills – and equip them to make a greater contribution to your organisation.

Delegates will be able to understand and use whole and negative numbers in a practical context … add, subtract, multiply and divide … understand and use equivalences between common fractions, decimals and percentages … use simple formulae expressed in words … and understand ratios.

Basic maths skills – but vital for business. So are solving problems using calculation, converting units of measurement, working out areas and perimeters, constructing geometric diagrams, extracting and interpreting information, collecting and recording data, and using it to assess the likelihood of an outcome. All of these are all covered in this module.

The online Maths exam lasts for one and a half hours, and is scheduled throughout the year.

This functional skills module in English, carried out on the job over a typical period of 12 weeks, will give your employee vital skills in speaking, listening, communicating, reading and writing – and enable them to make a fuller contribution to your organisation.

Speaking, listening and communicating – delegates will learn how to prepare for and contribute to discussions including presenting information clearly using appropriate language, and allowing for and responding to other points of view.

Reading – delegates will learn how to read and understand text in detail, identify the main points, and use and respond to the information it contains.

Writing – delegates will be able to write clearly and coherently in a logical sequence, using suitable language and correct grammar and spelling.

The online English exam lasts for one and a half hours, and is scheduled throughout the year.

This Functional Skills module in ICT, carried out on the job over a typical period of 12 weeks, will give your employee essential ICT skills – enabling them to plan and organise their work safely and effectively.

From selecting and using software and interface features to adjusting system settings, organising and retrieving information, electronic messaging, processing and displaying numerical data, and creating publications for print or on-screen viewing – this course covers all the ICT basics.

Delegates learn to use search engines effectively – including taking account of currency, relevance, bias and copyright. They also learn how to stay safe – using secure passwords, minimising the risk of viruses and respecting others online.

The online ICT exam lasts for two hours, and is scheduled throughout the year.

The entry level 3 award and certificate, and level 1 award, certificate and diploma for IT users (ITQ) is a nationally recognised programme designed by employers to meet the needs to today’s businesses.

Our flexible suite of ITQ routes and qualifications are there to help your organisation and the people you employ to gain the IT skills they need to be able to work productively and effectively.

The wide choice of units to choose from includes office-based applications as well as IT fundamentals, security and maintenance. We also provide multi-media applications including video and audio software. We can help you tailor the right programme to meet the individual needs of your organisation and your workforce.

Routes available are:
• Entry level 3 award for IT users (ITQ)
• Entry level 3 certificate for IT users (ITQ)
• Level 1 award for IT users (ITQ)
• Level 1 certificates for IT users (ITQ)
• Level 1 diploma for IT users (ITQ)

Qualifications are awarded for the successful building of a portfolio